Please support your artists on Lezhin


— UPDATE #2 —

Recent protest against Lezhin by the authors/artists. Here’s a tweet in regards to the situation:


Petition has ended with 79,350 supporters. I know it is kind of late but if you would like to read the translated version of the petition to get an idea of what is going on, @onsaemiros kindly translated the petition details for us 🙂

Hey! For those who don’t know about Lezhin, they’re a Korean-based premium webtoon provider that has branches in Japan and America. You just need to know they translate hella fine webtoons like Make Me BarkBlood BankFollowing Namsoo to The BathhouseSadistic BeautyLilith’s CordFrom Points of ThreeVanishing TwinsKilling Stalking and Sign (all 18+ by the way!!) but I digress.

Back in early December, December 8 to be exact, one of the artist I follow posted on her twitter account, @kooo_gi (contains 18+ material) , in ENGLISH too that copy-and-paste 동의합니다 and post it in this petition. For those who cannot read Korean (me included), @podoemo, kindly gave us a brief description of what the petition was about and you can see it below for yourself.

I’ve been a member for one year now on Lezhin and in total, I’ve spent about ~$458 from purchasing coins off their Japanese website (it’s cheaper) and recently from their Korean website (the cheapest bang for your buck). Before I continue, holy duck so that’s where all my money went! I’m going have to start cutting back or setting limits for myself. sweat sweat

If I am spending all this money, (I’m a student, not someone working full time so that’s a lot to me, okay?) I want them to go to (largely) the artists who work their asses off to meet deadlines. They get weekly deadlines to complete an episode and they’re all colored for god’s sake! Do you know how much work that is? I can’t imagine them having much free time but still needs to continue pushing out quality work even if they don’t feel well.

There’s no excuse to not support these artists! I think they implemented a lot more payment methods so now even those with only PayPal can purchase some episodes. Wait for sales if you cannot afford the 3 coin per episode or wait till they can be read for free! I pirate tons of shit myself so I understand why not everyone can afford these things but think about the artists and those bringing the translation to you. If you cannot purchase their comics, spend 1 minute of your time to back-up these artists in getting ethical treatment from their contracted company.

Please go sign the petition by logging into your social media accounts, scrolling to the bottom, paste 동의합니다 onto the text-box and submit. The petition ends on Jan 4, 2018 and has received 68,198 comments at the time of this post.